Andrew Gough

Photo of Andrew Gough

He started playing guitar in secondary school, eventually learnt 2 chords.

In the mid 70s, he played with some expatriates in a group called “Dhobi Itch” (a painful infection of the nether regions in hot climates) at some bars in the Solomon Islands. Learnt the 3rd chord and bought a capo.

Back in New Zealand and in the mid 1980s, he met Lew Black and discovered a common interest (red wine). Andrew began singing with Lew at warm ups for Titirangi and started to develop a repertoire.

About 1990, Andrew walked into Pete Collier who joined with Lew and him to form Brouhaha. They were later joined by Warren Payne and became a quartet known for sensitive renditions of coarse music.

After Brouhaha made their seminal CD “Brewing Up a Storm”, Andrew went to Fiji for a year or so and performed there with a French – Kiwi group called Akaroa. This opened his ears to French and Fijian music, although for him, the chords were much the same. On his return to NZ, he was reunited with his surviving Brouhaha comrades and is now delighted to expand his repertoire further by a song or 2 and join the Maritime Crew.

Hurrah for the Captain and his crew!!

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