Gavin Asher

Gavin took a years leave of absence from the Crew in 2006 but has since decided to make the break permenant. He is currently (Jan 2007) working on material for a new album.

Gavin singing at Bremerhaven

Gav singing at Bremerhaven, August, 2005.

Gavin has been a member of the Maritime Crew since the group initially formed in 1994. He has a strong voice, with an energetic expressive style, and as well as delivering strong solos, provides harmonies for the group. He also plays the guitar in accompanied numbers.

Gavin with Guitar

In addition to his membership in the Maritime Crew, Gavin performs as a solo singer. He has recently performed guest spots at the Titirangi Folk Club, and the Whangarei Folk Club

Gavin produced a tape cassette, "Across the Line" in 1993, and has started work on his next CD which will include some original material.

Gavin with partner Cara

Gavin also performs in a duo with his partner, Cara Gilkison.

Here is how he was described in the Titirangi Folk Club Newsletter, Dec 2002.

December Guest

Gavin Asher

When the Titirangi Folk Music Club committee thinks about whom they might invite to be the guest in their December club night there are a number of criteria. They need to be accomplished musicians, have a repertoire of great songs and be popular and well known by club members and others in the Auckland folk scene - after all we want a great turn out so that as many people as possible can enjoy the guest and have a good time at the Christmas party afterwards.

With these criteria who better than Gavin Asher? Gavin may not be the oldest folkie (an awful lot of us are past the half century and Gavin has only just got there) but he’s probably been performing longer than most, having started as a youngster at Titirangi folk club in its earliest days. Over the years he’s gathered an astonishing number of traditional and contemporary songs and at the late night sessions of the Auckland Festival can be relied on to know the words of the verse that has just slipped someone’s else’s tired mind.

I’m sure that among the songs Gavin chooses to sing will be ones that we can join in, ones that will cheer us and some that will leave us thoughtful or touched. Come and join us for yet another good evening of music at the Titirangi Beach Hall.


The Whangarei Folk Club introduced Gavin to their members in Oct, `03, using this quote from the Auckland Folk Music Magazine.

"Gavin is a fine folk-singer who has literally grown up with the Auckland Folk Scene. His vibrant and enthusiastic performances have made him one of New Zealand's best-known folk entertainers."

Please email Gavin if you want to know more, or ask him to perform a Guest Spot for your club.

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