Lew Black

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Who was that I saw you with?

Born in Liverpool, he grew up with music.

At the age of 17, he was lured fully to the dark side, attending folk clubs 5 - 6 times a week, building a huge repertoire of songs.

Lew's singing career started at The Black Diamond Club, just to get the extra 3 pints given away free to singers.

Emigrating to Australia in `67, Lew met Jude who introduced him to the Australian Bush Music Club, and in `70, to NZ, married life, and an acapello group, Molloy, Barrie and Black.

While travelling overseas in 76 - 80, Lew learnt to play guitar, and has since added bodrahn, bones, nadolin and banjo.

While raising a family of 3, Lew and Jude went to the Auckland Folk Festival in `81, and haven't missed one since.

Lew is known for his M.C'ing of the popular Home Brew, Drinking Songs sessions at the Auckland, Hamilton and Te Aroha Folk Festivals. Lew is a member of 3 folk groups, Brouhaha, (an eclectic folk band with a penchant for comedy), Paddy mac, (an Irish Band) and, since '94, The Maritime Crew. He has 2 CDs to his credit and a lifetime of bringing fun and entertainment to people.

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