Rest in PeaceFrank Winter

Quoted from the June 2003 Titirangi Folk Music Club Newsletter.

"It seems quite ironic that in this month of celebrating New Zealand music that we (folkies) should find ourselves mourning the loss of two well loved members of the Maritime Crew. who were also makers of fine musical instruments, singers, husbands, fathers and friends and just damn good people to have around, whether it be at a festival, concert, or just round a table sharing themselves, their music and their beer.

I would like to extend our (TFMC) most heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of both Frank Winter and Peter Collier who both died recently (13th May and 24th May respectively).

I'd like to add something deep and meaningful here but I don't have the words, so I'll copy a song that was sent (by email) for Frank." (The Farewell Shanty - slightly different version than below.)

The Farewell Shanty

Mervyn Vincent

As sung by the crew, including Peter, at Frank Winter's funeral. Gavin Asher leading.


It is time to go now

Haul away your anchor, Haul away your anchor.

'Tis our sailing time, 'Tis our sailing time.


Got some sail upon her

Haul away your halyard, Haul away your halyard.

'Tis our sailing time, 'Tis our sailing time.


Got her on her course now

Haul away your foresheet, Haul away your foresheet.

'Tis our sailing time, 'Tis our sailing time.


Waves are surging under

Haul away down-channel, Haul away down-channel.

On the evening tide, On the evening tide.


When my time is over

Haul away for Heaven, Haul away for Heaven.

God be by my side, God be by my side.


Fare well Peter and Frank.

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