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Press Release July, 2001

On Tour in Poland 2

THE MARITIME CREW, New Zealand's only music group specialising in the performance of sea songs and shanties, has just returned home after a successful 28 day concert tour of Poland.

Maritime music festivals are very popular in Poland, especially in the Baltic Sea ports and the lake district of north eastern Poland. THE MARITIME CREW's visit to Poland was made at the invitation of these festival organisers. THE MARITIME CREW made 22 public performances during their 28 days in Poland. Mostly, they performed to audiences numbered in the hundreds but some festivals could have had 4 - 5,000 in the audience.

On Tour in Poland 3

THE MARITIME CREW received very favourable press coverage and was filmed several times by TV reporters. Whereas some 25,000 oor so would have seen them live, millions more would have seen them on Polish TV. Copies of the MARITIME CREW's CDs were acquired by Warsaw Radio for future air play.

THE MARITIME CREW's month in Poland was a rewarding experience and members of the group have come back home full of praise for the thoughtfulness, generosity, and friendliness of the organisers of their tour and of everyone they met over there. They have many fond memories of their tour, but one that sticks in the mind is that of having Polish audiences singing along in Polish while they, the CREW sang in English!

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