August 2010

in August 2010 The Maritime Crew revisit North Germany for a short tour of Schleswig Holstein, starting with a visit to the 2nd International Niebüll Shanty Festival, to celebrate 25 years of the Niebüller Shanty-Chor e.V.

14 - 21 November 2009 - Catlins Bound

Cover of book 'Catlins Bound' by Mike McPhee

The Maritime Crew tour Otago & Southland as part of the launch of the combined Book & CD 'Catlins Bound'. See our News Page for more information about the tour and visit the Catlins Bound website for more about the book.

August 2007 Tour of Germany, Holland and Switzerland

4 of our number Lew Black, Bob Large, Warren Payne and Rudy Sunde visit Europe this August. Below is what is already confirmed for this trip and hope shortly to get confirmation on 1 more event.

3 - 5 August 2007 Festival Maritim Bremen-Vegesack

For one summer weekend this port on the Weser becomes the centre of the maritime world.

11 - 12 August 2007 Folsgearster Folk

We met this group in Niebull 2 years ago and this weekend we will be visiting their home in Folsgear in the Netherlands where they have organised some gigs for us.

13 - 15 August 2007 de Flagellanten

Then we go to another Dutch town - Giethoorn - to visit shanty group ‘de Flagellanten’ who have organised a gig in their local pub on Wednesday 15th. This group is singing 2 of Rudy's songs - “Spray of the Ocean” and “The Orpheus”.

16 - ? August 2007 Maritime Crew in augustus naar Vlieland

On Thursday 16th August we go to the island of Vlieland where local group Driftwood has got some gigs lined up.

24 - 26 August 2007 sea-folk-song-festival Romanshorn

Then on Wednesday 22nd August we fly to Basel in Switzerland on our way to Romanshorn. This festival is held on the shores of Lake Constance and organised by a Swiss shanty group the Singing Sailors Crew Romanshorn. We met this group in Niebull in 2005 and they were impressed with us and our music and want us to attend their festival. (In fact, one of their members has used the tune of my song "Hurrah for our Captain" to write a song extolling the virtues of Swiss sailors. Yes, yes, they are a landlocked nation but they still hold America's Cup! - Rudy).

August 2005 Tour of Germany

Tour Photo Album

The Maritime Crew playing at Niebuell

The Maritime Crew were received with enthusiasm when they went in August 2005 for a short tour in Germany. This photo was taken in Niebuell where they performed a concert, took part in a street parade and played in two town squares.

Street Parade

The group led the street parade of Shanty Choirs.

2001 Tour of Poland

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